WIRING NOTES

1 . when dismounting the'motor please cut off the power supply
2 . the switch over of motor or mains supply can be done only
     when inverter's output stops .
3 . when the inverter is installed with exterior devices  (barking
     unit' reactor'filter) please test the devices'resistance to the
     ground by 1000v level megameter and make sure the
     resistance is not less then 4m.
4   input command single cable and frequency meter cable need
     to be shielded'and it also should be wired is
     better to kept away from the main circuit connection.
5   to avoid from the wrong action caused by interference'the
     control circuiting cable shield be twisted pair cable'and the
     wiring distance shall be less the 50m.
6   please do not make shielding cable connect to the single
     cable or machine's housing.the naked wire shall be wraped by
     isolation tape.
7   all the lead wires  voltage with stand level shall be same as the inverter's voltage level.
8   to avoid of accident'control grounding terminal g must be well connected to the ground.the grounding wire      cann't be the other equipment's grounding wire.the grounding wire specification shall be bigger then half of
     the above-said wire specification.when the wiring is completed'please check whether there is cable'screw
     or connector lug left in the equipment or not'whether the screw is loose 'whether the naked wire of the
     terminal is short-circuited to the other terminal.