please find below for the definication and content of all the constants in the program mode . the constant with grey color in the table is only for win vc . the content and symbol description is as follows.
constant . the code of the constant
name . the name of the constant
content . function details of the constants
setting range . the setting range of constants
factory setting .  the factory setting  value (every constant has its factory setting value ' this value depends on the control mode )
modification in operation . the constant can be modified or not in the inverters  operation .
o: adjustable in operation
x: un adjustable in operation
control mode : in which control mode can the constant be accessed ?in which access level can the constant be accessed?
Q: quick setting > it can only access the necessary and simple constant of the inverter .
B:items which can be set and referenced in advanced and basic.
A:advanced setting . it can access the constant of all setting levels .
X: items which cannot be set or referenced in that control method.

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