inverter,s dc injection braking time at start.

 dc:injection braking time at start..

used to set time to perform dc injection braking (initial excitation for flux vector control) at
start in units of 1 second
used to stop coasting motor and restart it. when the set value is  o, dc injection braking at start is not
performed.for the dc injection braking time at start (b2 -03) set the dc injection braking operation time for when
 the motor started. in case that the multi-functional input terminal's dc injection breaking current command works at
the same time the dec injection breaking can be achieved only within the set time of b2-03 and the input terminal
has to be set a open.used to be the function of inition exciting and zero speed control in place of dc injection
barking in the mode of flux vector control.the initation function and zero speed control function depends on
setting of b1-05(the operating option below the minimum output current(E1-09).

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