inverter,s dc injection braking time at stop and magnetic flux compensation volume.

 dc injection braking time at stop.
used to set the time to perform dc injection braking(initial excitation for flux vector control)in units of 1 second .
note: to set b2-04 to be the dc braking performing time until te motor stops. used to prevent the motors coasting when the motor is not working .

magnetic flux compensation volume.
the compensation value of magnetic flux is set as a percentage of idle load current with taking the idle load current as 100%.
note: when b2-08 is set to be 100%'the dc braking current(initial excitation) at start will be comparatively big at the beginning and the flux in the motor can arrive very soon. when b2-08 is set to be 200%'the arriving time will be cut to be the half.
normally 'do not set b2-08 to be below 00%'since the flux arrive slowly' however the operation when b2-08=0%and b2-08=100% is same and both of the flux are achieved via setting of dc injection current (b2-02).
as the flux compensation value (b2-08) is increased the starting sound of the motor will be bigger.
the time parameters when the motors flux reach to a certain value are set by e2 and can be computed by the following formula. time of the secondary circuit t2={(e2-012-e2-032)/(2~xe2-02xe2-03)}.
when the control start was deferred because of the setting of b2-03 please do not use the funtion flux compensation but to use the dc braking command of multi-function input terminal (set the value to be 60)and establish a Magnetic field according to the motors flux before it stops .

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