inverter,s operation selection for setting of e1-o9 or less and control input scans.


 operation selection for setting of e1-o9 or less

used to set the method of operation when the frequency reference input is less than the minimum output frequency (e1-o9).only effective in the mode of pg vector control.
0:run at frequency reference (e1-o9 not effective).
1:stop (frequency below e1-o9).
2:run at the frequency set in e1-o9.
3:run at zero speed (frequencies below e1-o9).
note: this is the operation method when a frequency command which is below minimum frequency was input.

                                                         control input scans

used to set the responsiveness of the control input (forward/reverse and multi-function inputs ).
0:tow scans every 2 ms,used for fast responses .
1: tow scans every 5 ms (use for possible malfunction due to noise ).
note : please set the responsiveness of program input (forward/reverse,multi-function inputs).

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