inverter,s speed search selection at start and speed search operating current.

speed search selection at start.
used to set the speed search function when the operation command is in put .0: motor starts from minimum output frequency. 1:speed search is performed from maximum output frequency and motor is started.(in control methods with pg ,i,e. v/f with pg).

set"1"to use the speed search function . a speed search is performed each time the run command is input . to use speed search freely in control methods without pg, i,e..,v/f control and open -loop vector control. set the multi -function contact input selection (h 1  - 0 1  to  h 1 - 0 6 ) to or 62 (external search command).

speed search operating current.
set the speed search operating current as a percentage of the inverter,s rated output current, with the inverter,s rated output current taken as 100%.
note : for the speed search operating current (b 3 - 0 2 ),set the operating current for the speed search , if restarting is not possible with setting ,then lower the setting.

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