inverter,s user setting constant and reference selection of inverter.

user setting constant .
used to set the constant numbers that can be set/read maximum 32 .
note : effective when the access level (a1-01) is set to be 1( user program constants)
constant can not be read when access level is 4 when access level is with in the range of user program constants, the accessible constants depends on the following.

driving mode.                                                          . quick setting level can be monitored.

environment setting method....                .the constants which can be accessed set level quickly.

level method .......                                   .can only access and set the constant which set by a2-01-32

self learning method..............                .not display.
check mode ................                          .not display .

reference selection .
used to set the in put method for the frequency reference
0: digital operator.
1:control circuit terminals (analog inputs ).
2: memobus transmission (s1-k2 )
3: option card .
4: memobus transmission (for cp-717).
note: the frequency reference is input from the control circuit terminals (external terminals ),so set b1-01 to 1, please see h3 constants group for signal level.

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