inverter,s user setting constant . initialize . password 1 and 2 of inverter.

user setting constant.
control method selection.
0: control without PG/F
1: control with PGV/F
2: vectot control with PGs
note : the user constant is not returned to the factory setting when constants are initialized.

initialize .
constant has been initialized according to the designated method .
0 : not to initialize.
1110 : intial value set by user .
2220 : 2-wire sequential initialization (initializes the user constant to the factory setting ).
3330 :3-wire sequential initialization .
note : for details please see the section for user initialization in chapter 3.

password : 1
while password was set to a1-05 in putting password to ai- o4 is to write-protect the initialize - mode user constants .
note :user constants a1 -01 through a1 -03 and a2 -01 through a2 -32 can be displayed but not changed if the content of a1- 04 and a1-05 are not the same.

password : 2
used to set a four digit number as the password .
note : this constant is not usually is to write - protect the initialize - mode user constants if the setting of a1 -01-03 and a2-01-32 can not be changed but only can be read. to write -protect the initialize - mode user constants,set the password in a1-05 after inputting the desired .value in a1-01 through a1-03 and a2-01 through a2-32 user constant a1-05 can be displayed. by displaying a1-04 and pressing the menu key while pressing the reset key .(a1-05 can not be displayed.whith the usual key sequences).

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