inverter,s Zero speed level (dc injection braking starting frequency )

Zero speed level (dc injection braking starting frequency ).

used to set the frequency which starts DC injection breaking (the initial excitation for flux vector control) in unit of Hz
the DC braking function to supply  DC current to motor and decelerate  the motor.this happens in the following two cases.DC injection braking time at start Effective for temporarily stopping and then restarting,without regenerative processing, a motor coasting  by inertia DC injection  braking time at stop.used to prevent coasting by inertia  when the motor is not completely.for the zero level (b2_01),set the frequency for beginning DC for the injection braking for deceleration.if the excitation level is lower then the minimum output frequency(E1_09),the dc injection braking will begin from the minimum output flux vector control mode,DC injection braking becomes  the initial excitation starting frequency at the time of that case,braking starts from the excitation level regardless of the minimum output frequency setting.the excitation level is also used as the operating frequency for zero servo function (for flux vector control only).for the DC injection barking current (b2_ 04),set the value for the current that is output at the time of DC injection barking DC injection braking current is set as a percentage of invertor rated output current,with the rated output current taken as 100%.for the DC injection braking operating time for when the motor is stopped.

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