two types of pid control are possible with the inverter: measured_value derivation pid control and basic pid control .the types that is normally use is measured _value derivation pid control . with measured value derivative pid control . the feedback value is differentiated for pid control response is possible with respect to changes bot in target values and the control object.
 basic pid control : this is the basic form of pid control ,when the d control response is adjusted to follow changes in the control object , overshooting and undershooting can occur with changes in the target value . to enable pid control , make a setting between  1  to  4 (normally 2 or  4 is used for measured value derivative pid control ). when pid control is effective the target value can be selected as any of the following . if setting the target value input as  b1-01=0 (digital operator ),set the 01-03 to  , 1 , (% unit) and input a percentage value for the target value . (when the speed reference is changed ,100 % becomes the maximum frequency reference ).the input value from analog input terminal 3 is the pid target value .  input from multi function analog input terminal 16  (h 3 -05 = c ) or terminal 14 (h 3 - o 9 =c),when the input value of analog input terminal is the pid target value, it can be adjusted by setting the gain and basic of the analog .

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