SPEED LIMIT (d 5-0 4)

the speed limit of torque control , it is in unit of % with maximum output frequency taken as 100% .

in the occasion where d 5-0 3 = 2  , set the speed limit as a percentage of the maximum frequency . ( the max frequency is 100%.) . the sign of the constant setting and the direction of the run command determine the direction in which the speed is limited. setting + forward rotation  speed is limited in the forward direction. reverse rotation speed is limited in the reverse direction . setting - forward rotation speed is limited in the reverse direction , the speed limited direction , for example , when a positive value is set in d 5-0 4 and the forward rotation command is on , the effective range of the torque control is from zero to the  speed limited value in the forward direction (when constant d 5-0 5,the speed limit bias is set to 0).setting range is -120~+120, and factory setting is 0 ..

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