The sampling /dwell of analog frequency command . is only effective for terminal 13 ,14  ,16 or the analog input from a1 -14 u  , a1- 14 b .

setting error (ope 03) will occur when 2 or more are  set among acceleration/deceleration stom (0a) up/down command (10,11) acceleration / deceleration speed command (1c,1d ) analog frequency command sampling /dwell (1e) input level please set on or off or the signal to be the fault detection . detection method please normal or in operation to detect the fault . normal detection to detect when switching to the power supply . detection in operation : to detect only when the inverter is in operation . action selection is to set the disposal of the detected fault . decelerate to stop : to decelerate to stop with in the set time when fault is detected . coast to stop : output is abnormal and inverter cuts output . emergency stop : the output is abnormal the inverter decelerate to stop with in the set time in constant c1-09 (emergency stop decelerating time ) . continue operate to output warning to exterior and continue to operate . to output warning please set one of the multi function output h2-01 , 02 and 03 to be 10 two or more multi function input can not the same exterior ablor function to set the exterior fault it i different from other parameters and it is of hierarchy scheme .

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