NOTE : Before installation  please inspect  the unit  be sure that nothing inside the package is damaged.

note before installation,please inspect the unit. besure that nothing inside the package is damaged.

Mountain the unit
The unit only can be mounted vertically to a wall surface.
please follow below steps:
1. Turn off the unit before mounting.
2.elect an appropriate mounting location. Mark six mounted ends as show in chart.
3. drill six marks by screws.
4.mount the unit by positioning the key-hole slots over the mounting screws.

Connect to utility and charge
plug in the ac input cord to the wall outlet. The unit will automatically chare the connected external battery
even though the unit is off.

connect external battery
step 1- take awaythe cover of external battery terminal.
step 2- following battery polarity guide printed near the battery terminal! place the external battery cable
ring terminal over the battery terminal.
Red cable to the possitive terminal(+);
Black cable to the negative terminal (-).
warning please use the appropriate battery cable. please refer to important safety warning section for the
Step 3- tight the battery cables with the M5 nuts. do not place any thing between the flat part of battery
terminal and the battery cable ring terminal,or over heating may occur.
step 4 - install a DC breaker ina positive battery line the rating of the DC breaker must beaccording to the
inverter,s battery current (75 amp )keep the DC breaker off

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