Use the table below to solve minor problems.
If there is any abnormal situation occur which dose not list above please search in menu side bar

When power falls, the backup time is shorten ,

Battery low alarm issue quickly ,
Battery voltage is too low
Charge the unit at least 8 hours ,
Battery capacity is not full even after charge the unit for at least 8 hours ,
Check the date code of the battery  , if the batteries are too old , replace the batteries ,

Mains exist but the unit work in battery mode.

Input voltage is display as 0 on the LCD and LED is flashing

Input protector I tripped
Check if AC breaker is tripped and AC wiring is connected well ,
Green LED is flashing ,
Insufficient quality of AC power (shore or generator )
1, check if AC wires are too thin and /or too long ,
2, check if generator (if applied) is working well or if input voltage range setting is correct , (narrow-> wide)
Green LED is flashing ,
Set solar first as the priority of output source,
Change output source priority to utility first,
No led display on the front panel when the utility power is normal ,

No LED display,
Battery is not connected well,
Check the external battery cable and terminal, make sure all the battery connections to the unit are all correct,
Battery defect ,
Replace the batteries,

Buzzer beeps continuously and red led is on ,

Fault code 00
Output short circuited,
Check if wiring connected well and remove abnormal load,
Fault code 01
Overload error, the inverter is overload 110% and time is up,
Reduce the connected load by switching off some equipment ,
Fault code 03
Output voltage too high
Return to repair center
Fault code 05
Fan fault
Replace the fan
Fault code 06
Internal temperature of inverter component is over 100 % temperature,
Check whether the air flow of the unit is blocked or whether  the ambient temperature is too high ,
Fault code 08
Battery  is over charged,
Return to repair center,
The battery voltage is too high,
Check if spec and meet requirements,

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