440 volt inverter,s stall prevention selection .

Stall prevention selection during accel.

To setting of acceleration prevention.
0: disabled (acceleration as set with a heavy load the motor may stall.).
1: enabled (acceleration stopped when l3-02 level is exceed acceleration starts again when l3 the current is returned).
2: intelligent acceleration mode ( using the l3-02 level as a basis acceleration is automatically adjusted set acceleration time is disregarded )

As tall occurs if the rotor con not keep up with the rotating magnetic field on the motor stator side when a large load is applied to the motor or a sudden acceleration / deceleration is performed. in the inverter stall prevention function can be set independently for accelerating  running and decelerating
(some function are restricted depending on the control method.).

Setting .
when setting 1 (enabled) is selected acceleration is stopped if the motor current exceeds the acceleration stall prevention level , acceleration is started again when the current falls below this level . the acceleration time can be longer than the setting depending on the load . when setting 2 optimum acceleration is selected depending on the load . when setting 2 (optimum acceleration ) is selected acceleration is performed using the acceleration stall prevention level as a basis in this case the acceleration time is disregarded.

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