keb inverter


the keb function restores the operating conditions for momentary power loss by applying a frequency deceleration to create inertia energy when a power loss occurs and thus avoid the power loss . setting range is 0.0~100.0 , factory setting is 0.0 and change during operation is x .
the inertia energy occurs since momentary power loss and frequency deceleration  happen simultaneously . this energy avoids power loss and it is the function of operation status before the power is available . keb  function is normally used with film lines and other applications where multiple keb inverters are  connected to the main Dc bus. keb synchronous deceleration for power loss prevents the line from stopping as the result of speed fluctuations. keb action can be effected though keb command of multifunction input terminal , setting 65 or 66 , keb application power range
200volt level 0.4~15kw
400volt level 0.4~18.5kw.

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