winner inverter,s stall functions

stall prevention selection during deceleration .

stall prevention options during deceleration .
0: non effective .
1: effective .
2: optimum deceleration .
3: effective ,when braking resistor is available .

setting value 0: invalid decelerate according to the setting . overvoltage "ov" will occur when deceleration time is too short.
setting value 1:  effective stop deceleration when the main circuit voltage is near the voltage level , it decelerates again when the voltage recovers.
setting value 2: optimum deceleration , decide the shortest deceleration time according to the main circuit voltage, it ignores the set deceleration  time .
setting value 3: effective braking resistor is available .

when setting 1 enabled is selected , the deceleration time is extended automatically so that a main circuit overvoltage does not occur .usually pick placing zero when a braking choice braking resistor , braking resistor unit or braking unit is being used , if placing 1 or 2 is chosen, the braking choice won,t be used and the deceleration time can now not be shortened.  l3-04 can not be set to 2 for vector control modes , " can be set for the one with below f level" . l3-04 can not be set to be 3 for the control with pg vector . the adjusting method of setting value 3 , and the difference between the setting value 0 and 3 . when the setting is 0 , stall prevention disposal is effective during deceleration  when the setting is 3 the overvoltage of main circuit is easy to occur , and the automatic deceleration time extension is hard to occur , the motor decelerates according to the decelerating time . though the actual decelerating time is longer than the set time value in order to set the shortest deceleration time compared to the setting value 0 . obviously the shortest time of deceleration can be effected . when stall prevention function during deceleration is set to be 3 , please do adjust as follows: adjusting sequence .
1, deceleration shall be set according to the braking capacity and mechanical inertia .
2: when the time of 1 is not known , please do trial operation with l3-04 set be 0, after the min deceleration time is abstained , set l3-04 to be .
3: to decrease the value of deceleration time with in the range in which main circuit overvoltage won,t occur 

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