440 volt inverter,s auto restart

440 volt inverter,s auto restart

number of auto restart attempts.
set the number of auto restart attempts, automatically restarts after a fault and
conducts a speed search from the run auto frequency (speed).
the inverter might be damaged when using the fault restart function too frequency.
when fault restart function used please do use circuit breaker. the peripheral machine
will stop operation once the inverter is at faultbif the program is designed with
the so called fault restart is to automatically restart when fault occurs in side of the
inverter during operation.
the fault restart function is applicable for the following fault.for the other fault,the
restart function is not effective, the inverter will take protection action immediately.

     oc(overcurrent        pf(input pha loss)
     ol1(motor             gf(ground fault)
     lf(output pha loss)   ol2(inv overloaded)
     puf(dc bus fuse       rf(braking resistor
     open)                 overheated)
     ol3(overtorque det 1) ov(overvoltage)
     rr(dyn brk transistr) ol4(overtorque det 2)
     uv1(dc bus

the counter for fault restart attempts will be reset attempts will be reset to be 0 under
the following circumstances.when operation is normal for 10 minutes after a fault restart is performed.
when the fault reset input is received after the protection operation has been activated and the fault
confirmed. when the power is turned off and then on again . when one of the multi function outputs
(h2-01,h2-02, or h2-03) is set to 1e (restart enabled ) , the output will be on while the fault restart
function is in progress.

auto restart operation selection.

sets whether a fault contact output is activated during fault restart. 0: not output (fault contact
is not activated) 1:output (fault contact is activated).

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