mitsubishi inverter,s protection.

output open phase protection selection

output open-phase protection selection 0: disabled. 1: effection enabled.(detects an
output open-phase at fever than 10% of the inverters rated output currents.)note: 
when inverter's capacity is smaller than the motor's power,and fault detection will occur. 
lease set it as "0" (disabled)

ground protection selection

0:disabled 1:enabled

carrier frequency reduction selection

carrier frequency reduction selection 0: fix the carrier frequency 1:reduce the carrier 
2:ol2( for factory setting) 3:current limit (for factory setting) note:when low frequency 
(under 6xz) motor give metal sound( carrier sound),pleaseset l8-17=0(no carrier frequency
reduction),l8-19 (ol2characteristics al low speed selection)=1 (effective)V/F control
without PG, please do not set both l8-17 and l8-19to be 0.

0l2 cheracteristics selection at low speeds

cheracteristics at low speed. 0: disabled 1: enabled note: at low frequency (6hz), ol2 
jumps even load is low. in this case please set the l8-17=1 with carrier frequency 
reduction) l8-19 (low speed o12 cheracteristics selection) to be disabled).but for
 the inverter with 400V,185-300kw, please do not set l8-09 to be 0. V/V control 
vector control without pg, please do not set both l8-17,l8-19 to be 0. in the occation of
vector control with pg and low-speed high-load continuos operation. please reduce the 
carrier frequency (c6-01)to be 2khz. 

monitor selection.

in operation mode, to set the code no . of the monitored iteme by filling oo in "u1-00").
in operation mode , the frequency reference output frequency ,output current and output
voltage can be monitored immediately if the factory setting are bieng used. one of these 
four values, the output voltage, can be changed to a different value. when you want to
monitor a value other than the output voltage, set that number in constant o1-01. 
use the last two digits from the "u1 monitor" list (u1-jj)to select a value.

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