the power input hall be input after the terminal cover is well installed. please do not destach the cover when the power is on.
if the inverter's power-failure restart function is enable'and electr-
omagnetic contactor is not installed at the input side'please keep
away from the equipment'because the inverter will be started
suddenly when the power is vailable.

when braking device is installed'the high voltage discharge at the two ends of the braking resistor.it could cause electric shock or
burns.please check again the rating of the motor and other machine
before operation.it could lead to human injury.please do not check
the single during operation. it could lead to the equipment's damage.please change the inverter's setting as you wish'this series
of inverter has been set properly before shipment.it could damage
the carrier frequency needs to be set again whenever the operation of factory default reset is executed'otherwise' the inverter could be damaged.the inverter with different capacity shall be set with different carrier frequency.please find the description in c6-01-03 of 4.2.it could
lead to the damage of the inverter.  

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