Win va/vb can use 8 frequency command and 1 jog frequency command , hence the maximum number of speed steps is 9. To switch between these frequency command, please set the multifunction input to be multi step speed command 1-3 and jog frequency selection .
terminal 5 number h1-03 setting value 3 =multi speed command 1/ (when setting the auxiliary frequency command in h3-05 , it is also used for the switch between main speed/auxiliary speed) .
terminal 6 number h1-04 etting value 4 = multi speed command 2 .
terminal 7 number h1-05 setting value 5= multi speed command 3 .
terminal 8 number h1-06 etting value 6  = jog frequency selection ( prior to multi speed command ) .
As shown in below , table frequency is selected according to the on/off of the multi step speed command 1~3 and jog frequency selection .
The selection  method of frequency command of (speed step 1) (speed step 2) .
when master speed frequency command (analog terminal 13 or 14 ) please set b1-01 to be 1 .
when frequency command 1 (d1-01 ) is used please set b1-01 to be 0 .
when auxiliary frequency command ( analog terminal  16 ) is used  please keep the value to be the initial . when frequency command 2 (d1-02 ) is used please set h3-05 to be 1 f  .

Win- va /vc,s deceleration / acceleration time has 4 options , to switch between these time option , please set deceleration / acceleration time option 1 ,2  at multi function input .
setting value 7 = acceleration / deceleration time selection 1 .
setting value 1a =  acceleration / deceleration time selection 2 .
according to the deceleration / acceleration time option 1 , 2 ,s on/of , the selected deceleration / acceleration time is as follows the deceleration/ acceleration time can be switched during operation .

acceleration time selection 1=acceleration/deceleration time 2 = acceleration time =deceleration time.
off or not set                      = off or not set           = acceleration time 1 c1-01 = deceleration time 1c1-                                                                                                                               =02.
on                                    = off or not set            = acceleration time 2 c1-03= deceleration time 2 c1-                                                                                                                                        =04 .
off or not set                    = on                            = acceleration time 3 c1-05     =deceleration time 3                                                                                                                                       =c1-06 .
on                                  =on                              =acceleration time 4 c1-07        =deceleration time 4                                                                                                                                        =c1-08 .

Emergency stop ( setting value , 15 ,17 )
When emergency stop is selected , multi function input is on , the inverter will deceleration to stop according to the deceleration time set by c1-09 ( emergency stop time ) to release the emergency stop please set the operation command and emergency stop both to be off.
When emergency stop is at contact b , please set it as 17 .
setting value 15 : emergency stop ( a contact deceleration to stop according to c1-09  when it is in on status ).
setting value 17 : emergency stop (b contact decelerate to stop according to c1-09 when it is in off status).

Prelim of inverter,s overheat (value,s)

off = normal operation
on =normal operation (display , oh2 inverter overheating , on digital operator )
When the real arm of inverter,s overheat is on oh2 inverter overheat will be displayed . when it is off the display will come back to be  the previous status , do not reset the prelim. the inverter continue to work without fault detection  please set according to the warning from the ambient temperature sensor .

multi functional analog input options (setting,s ).

off = multi function analog input is disabled.
on = multi function analog input is enabled .
multi function analog input is effective / no effective  it is can be operated exterior. when this signal is off the action is same as when h3-05 (multi function analog input terminal 16 function option ) is set as 1f and analog input is not used .

option of non effective speed control with pg  v/f  (valued ).

off = v/f control with pg (it is effective to control the speed with speed feed back )
on  = v/f control without pg (it is non effective to control the speed with speed feed back ).
pg speed control and speed control without pg can be switched exteriorly . it can be switched during the inverter,s operation .

Speed control integration reset (valuate ) .

off = it acts in the speed control circuit of proportional and integration control .
on =it acts in the speed control circuit of proportional control ( integration value of speed control it is reset according to the integration constant ).

In the occasion with pg v/f control mode this function is effective only when f1-07 ( integral action options of  acceleration/ deceleration ) (non effective when acceleration /deceleration integration dose not act ) it can be switched over in the operation of inverter.

Off = normal operation .
On = fault reset at the rising edg of on, (operation will be normal when fault does not occur ) .
It is used to reset the fault from exterior . when fault occurs please find out the fault content and take the right solution then restart the inverter . if you do not take any solution and reset the fault the verger could be damaged . when fault occurs turn off the operation command turn on the fault reset and turn on the operation command again then it will come back to the previous status the reset can not be affected in the occasion where operation command is on  . when no fault occurs the switch between on/off of this signal won,t affect the operation .


In the occasion where up/down was set multi step peed command 1~8 will be all non effective . the dwell output frequency when up/down is on will be memorized by the value of d4-01 (dwelling function option of frequency command) the setting value is 1 . the value will be recorded after the power is cut and the operation will start from this frequency after the operation command is input again . this recorded output frequency is in status of off under the operation command , once up command or down command ( see the below time sequence of up command / down command ) is in the status of on the recorded output frequency will be eliminated.

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